Monday, 20 March 2017

There Are Rules

My buddy I was visiting in Stuttgart had told me a few weeks before the visit that a buddy and he were working on re-launching his old distro, and possibly his old label, in the nearby future. By now it is back online, so check out Drastic Actions for records and probably new releases at some point. He still had some old records from back then and also some new stuff, so I flipped through the records and promptly found one that triggered my interest. I love the first two The Get Up Kids LPs. Something To Write Home About is one of those records I'd take with me to a lonely island. I never bothered to check out their latest, post-reunion LP though. It's a nice record, meaning you can listen to it while doing something else and the music is nice enough for some background noise, but after listening to it a few times, not one song has really got stuck in my mind. Bit of a disappointment here.

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