Monday, 16 April 2018

Sick Of It All

Long time, no see. I know that I stated a while back that I was going to take it slow, but even I didn't expect to take it that slow. I still have some backlog that needs to be blogged about. All in all, this stay-at-home-dad thing is the best thing ever, but I still have to learn how ration my me time.

Quality over quantity has been the motto for 2018 so far. I mainly managed to pick up a few records on my want list at the beginning of 2018. So while I haven't picked up that many (current) records, it's been a pretty good collecting year so far.

I hadn't made any progress with my Sick Of It All 7" collection in quite some time, so I'm really stoked that I finally managed to pick up a first press of SOIA's debut. It's in pretty good shape all in all and I paid a lot less than the going rate.

The first press is numbered /1000. I got #770. When I got the record, of course I examined it closely. As you can see someone scribbled 'My Life' over the number with a blue pen. I didn't know what to make of it, so I decided to consult the almighty  RevCollectors message board and sure enough I got a satisfying answer: apparently there are quite a few copies who came with some sort of scribbling in blue ink. So it seems to be a legit thing. Pretty cool. Would be interesting what other phrases / words were written on the inside of sleeves.

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